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sunday100's Journal

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Inspired by wednesday100, this is the Btvs/Ats 100 word weekly challenge. A little community is where once a week (Sunday) a challenge is set forth by princesstwilite. All challenges are for Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel The Series, or both. No other show, unless it's a crossover with one of these.


1. Every Sunday a challenge is posted. You have until Monday 12 AM (Tuesday then, huh?) Eastern Standard time to reply (in a new post) with a story. A cut off message will be posted at midnight and you can no longer offer up a response to the challenge. (You MUST be a member to post)

2. Each story must be exactly 100 words.

3. Each story must be Btvs or Ats centered, but it can be a crossover with another show.

4. If a story is R or above (sexual content, graphic violence) label it clearly.

5. Do not post more than 3 responses to the challenge each week.

6. You can suggest any challenges for coming weeks in the current week's challenge post.

7. No flaming, trolling, anti-racial/orientation/religous, hateful posts. No children under 16 portrayed in a sexual situation.

8. If there are spoilers for season seven of Buffy or Season four of Angel, mark them in the subject/title.

9. Introduction threads not needed. Introduce yourself with story, feedback, whatever. We'll see you and love you just the same, m'kay? SUB-RULE: For that matter, spam posts are not permitted either. We love that you have websites or communities! That's great! But we don't need you posting randomly about it. I don't think I'd (or the other members) would mind if you put a SMALL (see: very small) note at the bottom of your drabble post about a community/website. People who spam will be burned at the stake.

10. This is not a discussion forum about the show. There are plenty of those out there. This is only for fun with drabbles (that sounds so much cooler when I don't acutally *say* it).

Rules can change at anytime

Helpful Note: If you're looking for feedback consistently, it's always helpful to GIVE it consistently. That's what a community is all about. The more you give feedback, chances are you'll recieve it more as well.

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