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Weaknesses Revealed (Graduation II Rewrite)

Tonight’s broadcast, wherein previously endearing traits proved terribly disastrous:

“We attack the Mayor with Chow Mein”

Everyone stared at Oz. Except Buffy, who perked up, unexpectedly.

“That’s it. Faith told me to play upon his Hunan weakness. Quick, get me the menu for King Kong’s Asia Café…”

“Was this before or after you were unconscious”
“Is she nuts?”
“I think King Kong only does Cantonese”
“If we could just get ingredients from the emporium, I could cook something up…”
“Mm. Get me a General Tso. With spring rolls.”
“Oh dear…”

Comatose, Faith fumed. If only Buffy had paid better attention…
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The Code (BtVS HS, G) Willow, Xander, Cordy

Clearly, his time as a soldier had paid off far more than they’d expected.

Willow looked on as Xander avoided bullet after bullet, jumping, tumbling and ducking. He returned fire, sending his enemies flying. For some, it was just a game. But Xander’s focus and concentration were unmistakable – his progress unstoppable.

“You’re amazing. I don’t know how you do it. What’s your secret?”

“Ah, Will, a magician never reveals his secrets.”

Cordelia put down her Cosmo. “Oh please, there’s only one pattern here. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.”

“What? I had a Nintendo too!”

I'm Afraid Of Americans (Spike POV, S4)

My god, these people are stupid.

Most big evils are old. They develop power and influence and nastiness over time. The good thing about them is that they get so bloody full of themselves that you can wrap them up in lies until you can set up a nice backstab and take their gold.

But to say "I'll build myself an evil out of a jigsaw, give it armor and a big bloody polgara spike, ram in all sorts of cleverness and a yen for destruction, and I won't even install a bloody off-switch!"?

Bloody yanks and their toys. Idiots.

Scorekeeping (Xander, S3, post-"Consequences")

Xander desperately wants to talk it over with Willow, with someone, but it still hurts when he tries. He's desperate because he just doesn't get it.

Faith killed that guy and tried to blame it on Buffy. Then she tried to kill him. Then Angel talked to her and then the Watchers tried to ship her off to England, but she kicked their asses and bailed. So Buffy found her ready to take a slow boat to China but vampires attacked and Faith saved Buffy.

So she's back. Back on the good guy team.

So this is a win.

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Meaning of Success: Dawn

She remembered the time she'd managed to get an A in math, and her mom had taken her out for ice-cream, triple hot-fudge sundae. Still young enough to not be self-conscious about being seen with her mother, but that soon changed.

Next time she got an A and her mom grabbed her car-keys, she faked a headache and spent an hour on the phone to her friends instead.

And then she found out that her mom had never really taken her out for ice-cream.

And then it was too late.

And then getting As in math never really mattered anymore.
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Chrysallid (for the new Sunday 100)

She remembered nothing.

This was the thing about dying, about being reborn: she always seemed to forget, for those first few minutes after waking, everything that had brought her to this metamorphosis. It had happened the first time, hundreds of years back, when the Master had taken her down and brought her back. Now, it seemed, it had happened the second time.

Disoriented, frightened, Darla lay in the box of earth, open to the night sky, seeing Angel, seeing Dru, panicking, jumping, going to ground.

When she did remember what had led to this new undeath, she tried to forget.
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New Sunday 100 Drabble 2

Title: Butterfly
Sequel to New Start
Rated G
She was so new to this world pink and wrinkled. Looking at her Giles was reminded of a butterfly just emerged from the cocoon. He already saw the promise of her Mother’s beauty. Giles felt a shiver of fear, how in the world would he keep his promise to share equally in child care if he was afraid to touch the baby?

Anya smiled and gave a tired laugh. “I know what it looks like honey, but Clem had nothing to do with this.”

Giles bent down and gave Mother and daughter each a kiss flavored with love and laughter.
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