Dave (dlgood) wrote in sunday100,

Weaknesses Revealed (Graduation II Rewrite)

Tonight’s broadcast, wherein previously endearing traits proved terribly disastrous:

“We attack the Mayor with Chow Mein”

Everyone stared at Oz. Except Buffy, who perked up, unexpectedly.

“That’s it. Faith told me to play upon his Hunan weakness. Quick, get me the menu for King Kong’s Asia Café…”

“Was this before or after you were unconscious”
“Is she nuts?”
“I think King Kong only does Cantonese”
“If we could just get ingredients from the emporium, I could cook something up…”
“Mm. Get me a General Tso. With spring rolls.”
“Oh dear…”

Comatose, Faith fumed. If only Buffy had paid better attention…
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