Dave (dlgood) wrote in sunday100,

Rewrite Challenge (Apocalypse Nowish)- Connor

She'd looked at me with a tenderness I’d never seen before.
“I know how you feel about me, Connor. When I think about what you've…”

She touched my face, and my heart sped up. I tried to hold my breath. To focus on her words, instead of my own body.
“you never had a childhood, or a family or friends or anything that's real, and if this is the end, I want you to have something that is.”

And then she kissed me. With a force and a passion I’d never felt before. And that’s when I lost myself.

All over my trousers.

Cordelia assured me that this has happened to other men before, but I could only think of my shame. And how this was yet one more way in which I’m defective.

That’s when I knew I had to leave.

A.N.: Cordelia's lines from the episode not counted in the total...
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