Colleen (redeem147) wrote in sunday100,

New challenge - If At First

Angel, season 5.

His love life never went well. Teen relationships had been nearly non-existent. His brief flirtation with Cordelia had been a disaster None of his other one night stands, two night stands, two month stands, had been any better. He thought Fred was the answer, but her heart belonged to Gunn. Well, at least until Lilah was too deeply engrained in his blood. That had ended worst of all.

Fred wanted Knox. Had him, he feared. Might as well give up and live the solitary life.

But he couldn’t help notice how well Harmony filled out her tight, pink cashmere sweater.

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HA! I loved the ending! So unexpected.

And so you know. To do a cut tag the html is (substituting '[' for '<' so it doesn't actually code):

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Blah-di blah blah. And now I want to go back to uncut text so I will do this:


Just don't forget to use the greater than/ less than symbols in place of the brackets. Hope that helps!

It does. I was trying to do it from memory, instead of cutting and pasting, and I screwed up. Forgot the last symbol. Also don't know how to switch from Sunday100 to Open On Sunday to post. I would fix the entry, if I could.

Also don't know how to switch from Sunday100 to Open On Sunday to post.

Just go to the UserInfo page [] and click the Join link at the top [] and Voila, you're now a member with posting access.
Great drabble. A pairing I've honestly never even thought of. It would be disastrous, but hilarious.

And, so you know, you can edit entries you've already posted. At the tool bar at top, go to Manage...Entries. Enter sunday100 or whatever in the community box, and check the box with ___ most recent entries, and put in, say, 2. Then you can choose which of the last 2 entries in said community you want to edit. Fairly self explanatory from there.

Great drabble. Poor Wes.
Finally figured it out. Thanks.

Now I just have to figure out how to change Sunday 100 into the other.
*rotfl* Gosh, that was good. *chuckles* Too funny. *thumbs up*
Wes and Harmony...Heh. It could work.

Nice drabble. Poor lonely Wes...
I have found this post very interesting.
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