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As of Sunday the 21st, no more challenges will be issued in this journal. We will be switching over to open_on_sunday, which will function exactly as sunday100 has in the past. I'll still be issuing the challenges, and hopefully all of you will still be answering them.

Why the switch? Well, as you may recall, I'm not the original moderator of this group. When the previous moderator gave me admin duty, she never actually transferred the group over to me in LJ's system. I'd vaguely worried for a while what I'd do if we had any incidents requiring moderation, but thanks to all of you this hasn't been a pressing issue. I took the recent LJ resetting of all S1 journal styles - and the resulting formatting making the main page very difficult to read - to be a sign of a sort that I should really get working on this. And, so, here we are.

As a motivator to join the new group, I'm also running a layout design contest. Design a layout for the community, and the group will vote on which they like best. For first prize, *one year* of paid LJ time, six months for second prize, and two months for third prize. And depending on the number of responses (more than 20 or so, I don't think I'll be able to afford...), extra icon space for all who submit a layout. The deadline for submitting a layout will be December 1.

Any questions or comments are of course welcomed, and I hope to see you at open_on_sunday!
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