. (baked_goldfish) wrote in sunday100,

November 5. Giles, Buffy, G.

Bonfires were illegal in Maryland.

Well, so's hidden crossbows.

Yet here she was, with a big honkin' bonfire in the woods of Harford County, and a previously-hidden crossbow. "Guy-what-day?"

"Fawkes. After asking for an explanation, it's only polite to listen."

She chucked a vampire in the bonfire. "Sorry, I'm a little busy."

Giles ducked. Another vampire accidentally jumped to his death. "Same. Perhaps this could wait?"

Buffy tripped a third vampire. It fell into the flames. She looked around; no more demons. "Wow. They certainly got into that burning-in-effigy thing."

"Without the effigy bit," Giles said. "But I won't complain."


A/N: I don't know why they're in Maryland. Don't know when this is supposed to be set. I really just wanted to have a line about illegal bonfires.
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