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An Autumn Evening (Dru POV, PG)

Title: An Autumn Evening
Author: Cerisaye
Rating: PG

Fire crackling like brittle bones as she toasts her toes by the hearth. Coals spark and spit out a glowing ember.

Wait till Darla sees the scorchmark on her precious Persian rug. Drusilla smirks and snuggles into the cushions, hugging Miss Edith close.

Shuts her ears to screams echoing from Angelus’ room above. Another lesson for William.

Tightcloses her eyes.

Crunching through dry leaves, smell of damp and decay heavy in the air. Bonfire Night with roasted chestnuts and burnt potatoes.

Heavy footsteps on the stairs.

Reek of cigars/whisky/blood/sex.

Cruel fingers thrust under her bodice.

“Come to daddy, sweet Drusilla.”
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