solar powered anticipation machine (moireach) wrote in sunday100,
solar powered anticipation machine

No One Ever Told Me (Oz/Xander-ish, post-"Lover's Walk", G)

Fall in California is never remarkable, but this year the cold seems to have settled into his bones. Heavy sense of dread at his own stupidity.

Cordelia isn't speaking to him, Willow won't let him touch her and Oz. Doesn't even look at him.

Xander watches him from across the cafeteria. Tipped-back chair, intensely otherwhere expression. Wants to apologize a thousand times over, but what kind of sorry is big enough? If Oz would only *look* --

After school, Oz's van is the first out of the parking lot. Xander watches it go, zips up his jacket, listens to leaves crunch under his feet.

Title quote: "No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." -- C.S. Lewis
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